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CDA unveils ‘Capital Street’ project to boost tourism in Islamabad

Islamabad , July 25, 2023: In a bid to bolster tourism and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced the launch of the ‘Capital Street’ project.

Spanning 27 acres of land, this extraordinary venture aims to become a world-class food and cultural street.

During an exclusive conversation with Samaa TV, CDA Member Finance, Mazhar Shah, revealed that the auction of plots for this ambitious project has already commenced, marking a significant milestone in its realization.

The current phase involves the auctioning of 500 square yard plots, with a remarkable 50% allocation for construction purposes. However, it is worth noting that preserving the open spaces is at the heart of this initiative.

“The primary objective of Capital Street is to create a contemporary food street while celebrating our cultural legacy. We intend to retain vast open areas to ensure a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition,” said Mazhar Shah.

The visionary project includes dedicated parks and play areas specially designed to cater to the needs of children, promising an enjoyable family experience.

Although the CDA is committed to swift execution, the entire undertaking is expected to be completed within a span of one to two years.

Additionally, plans are already underway for the introduction of further recreational facilities in the second phase of the project, elevating the overall experience for both locals and tourists.

CDA Member Finance expressed confidence in the project’s allure, stating, “Capital Street is destined to become an exquisite masterpiece, drawing tourists from far and wide to experience its charm and gastronomic delights.”

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