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Cillian Murphy reveals which ‘Oppenheimer’ scene he ‘loved’ filming

Web Desk , July 24, 2023: Cillian Murphy opened up about Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and the scenes that had been the most heavy and emotional for him.

In an interview conducted by the Collider before the SAG-AFTRA strike was called out two weeks ago, the lead star of the movie revealed that filming the court hearing was his most challenging sequence of the whole three-hour movie.

The Peaky Blinders star, 47, detailed that set was very small and all the actors involved were aware of the magnitude of the scene.

“We shot in this tiny, sh–ty little room. There weren’t any moveable walls or anything like that; it was just all of us in there with this huge camera. That felt almost like doing a play,” Murphy described the set. “We did that for two weeks, so all these incredible actors, Jason Clarke and everybody, would come in and do their piece.”

He continued, “I found that very emotional and heavy, but in a brilliant way. It was a real challenge. So, that was my favourite chunk of the movie in terms of shooting.”

Despite the gravity the theme, Murphy revealed that “loved” filming the 2022 hearing.

The newly released biopic by Nolan, the acclaimed director that brought the Dark Knight trilogy, tells the story of the scientist who created the first atomic bomb during World War II, changing the course of war forever.

Previously, in an interview with New York Times, Nolan shared that Oppenheimer’s story is ‘central’ to our lives because it did “absolutely changed the world in a way that no one else has changed the world.”

He added, “He gave the world the power to destroy itself. No one has done that before.”

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